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David Brandau sent a message to James E. Meyer CEO, Sirius XM Radio Inc. - email address that said:

Doesnt it make sense that you should have the vehicle name, as in my case, Ford F-150, on the statement? Suppose I had 5 vehicles and all had Sirius Radio, how am I supposed to know which vehicle your bill is referring to?
Also, wouldnt it make sense to show the duration of the payment as far as what forthcoming period the payment covers me for. Just showing Amount Due...doesnt really tell me much. Is it for 6 months? 12 months?
Also, why do I have to give the customer service agent my entire address and so forth when I can simply identify myself on the phone by giving my account number as it shows on the bill?
Im astounded that a company like yours almost purposely omits these things on the statement for some reason. Suppose you had 5 kids who all went to the dentist over a year period and out of the blue you get a bill from your dentist, but it doesnt identify which child or for which service was rendered. Makes no sense. If these are stupid and unwarranted ideas, then I apologize, but guess what , Im busy also. I own and run an executive search firm. I dont have time to call customer service and talk to a foreigner who cant speak English and try to communicate.

You should get out there in the field if possible like they do on Undercover Boss or at least have a suggestion box in your lobby.... something!!!!!!!

David Brandau
Midwest Executive Search

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