@DollarGeneral – Todd J Vasos – Mr. Vasos, I wanted to reach out and express my disappointment in your recruiting team

Mike Mathison sent a message to Todd J Vasos that said:

Mr. Vasos,

I wanted to reach out and express my disappointment in your recruiting team in the North Eastern North Carolina/South Eastern Virginia area. I applied several times for the rolls of both District Manager and Store Manager as I saw open positions for both and became excited at the possibility of being part of a outstanding company with rapid growth and opportunity. Obviously no job is guaranteed and my email is not to complain I didn't get the job but it's about the lack of respect and decency your team showed me during the process. I had an outstanding phone interview that ended with the next steps of speaking with either a member of HR and the RD in person for the roll of District Manager. I told Lashaun I would get days off work and let her know (which is hard for me to do). I took the time to get the days off and both called (leaving voice mails) and emails letting her know. No response! I waited about a week calling again and emailing. No Response! About 2 weeks ago an RD reached out to me via email asking if I was still interested, I explained to her I was discouraged but still very interested. She didn't respond, so I wrote back again a week later, her response was a question, had I already been phone screened? I replied yes. I had not heard back until today (6 days later) when the only reason was I took the initiative to again reach out and asked if she was still interested in me, she replied that they made an offer to another person. That's fine and I wish them the best of luck. What's not fine is it takes my due diligence to get a response that should have been effortless. I'm a Combat U.S. Marine Veteran of 10 years (stated on my resume), very skilled recruiter and passionate leader who cares about how people are treated and and most importantly a human being interested in working for your company, I don't deserve the run around. I don't know what I expect as a result to my email, obviously working for any of the parties involved here wouldn't be comfortable but it's my hope that this doesn't happen to any other candidates as its very discouraging, especially when pay, company perks and opportunity were discussed in a way that makes you think your interview was outstanding! I have refrained from going to social media for weeks now trying to give the company every opportunity to respond but if I don't receive a response to this email, I will take my concern to social media in the hopes that people out there are aware of how they may be treated before applying to your company (especially Veterans who don't deserve anything but up most respect from any and all employers).

Thank you for your time,

ps, I also was supposed to have a interview for Store Manager which never panned out due to the Recruiter never calling me back and or setting up a time/place for that interview.

Mike Mathison

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