@DollarGeneral – Todd Vasos – Dear Mr. Vasos, I recently went to the Dollar General Store in Pembroke KY and

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Dear Mr. Vasos,

I recently went to the Dollar General Store in Pembroke KY and ask for the district manager name and number the cashier told me she did not have it but the assistant manager Michael did. As I was speaking to her another employee ( I think was off the clock because of no badge) states she would get it for me. She then ask I could come and speak to Michael at his office door where another female employee had been standing there talking to him. He asked what could he do for me? I stated that I would like to have the district manager name and number. He stated that he could call her for me and I stated that I would like to talk to her from my house. He asked me what it was about I told him this store looks like a pig stye and I almost fell in the back due to so many boxes and crates in the floor. He then stated that they had just had a baby and he works 50 hours a week there at the store. I explained my husband works 60 hours a week. Then he looked at his sheet and said the district manager had just been there today due to some money issues. The girl who was going to get her name and number chimed in on the conversation when I stated that the store had only been open 2 1/2 years, she stated she has lived here 8 years and it has been here since then, that it had just been renovated. I stated I am sorry that's right it was renovated 2 1/2 years ago, she then started to say something else and yes I put my hand in the air to stop her and told her the conversation was not between her and I it was between Michael the assistant manager and myself. She still stood there and listened to our conversation as well as the other employee that was in his office in the beginning. I asked Michael to get the district manager on the phone and I would speak to her there at the store. He then explained that she does not need to speak to me because she already has 15 things on her plate and she does not need 16. And she has already seen the store. I said to him well that is what she gets paid for, and he said she does not need it, I again asked for him to call her, and again was told he has been working on the store for the last 3 weeks and it has improved. I explained no it has not, I was in the store 4-5 days ago and it still looks the same. I then told him since he would not call her I was going to get my cell phone out of my truck and take pictures of the store and call corporate, and he told me to go ahead. so I took pictures of the store and there also was a trash bags with trash in them on the floor. And also the joke in the community of Pembroke is that Dollar General will only allow 1 cashier on the registers at a time. It has been put out on facebook, there are times you have 6 or 7 customers in line all with the same complaint.I have gone there before and dodged the boxes, inventory thrown on the floor, can't get baskets down the isles because of all the crates and trash on the floors or the inventory racks lined in the isles or in the way. I don't know how Dollar General can make a profit at this store when all your inventory is still in the boxes, or on the floor and you have empty shelves where Christmas items should be. Someone other than the district manager needs to do a surprise visit to this store and see it for themselves. If you would like for me to email you the pictures I would be more than happy to do that for you. I called Corporate office when I left and spoke with Michelle who told me the district manager name is Chloe Cromer and she would send her an email with my phone number and complaint and she would call me back.

I really like spending my money at Dollar General instead of Walmart but I guess it will be worth the extra miles to drive there to get what I need.

All I am saying is it is an accident waiting to happen.

You have my phone number on the corporate complaint.

Thank You, hopefully someone at Dollar General will listen before someone gets seriously hurt.

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