@DollarGeneral – Todd Vasos – Good evening Mr. Vasos, I have been working at the Dollar General in Salter Path

Debi Bartholomew sent a message to Todd Vasos that said:

Good evening Mr. Vasos, I have been working at the Dollar General in Salter Path, NC for almost 2 years now and absolutely love the company and the direction it is heading. I'm writing to you tonight with sadness in my heart. We have recently received a new District Manager (DM), Daniel Miles, from Family Dollar, as well as a new Regional Manager, Jason Baril. The morale at our stores has been fantastic when Tim Martin was our DM but he has recently retired.
Now with the new DM, he is absolutely scary to work with and for. He downgrades his Managers, talks to them like they are easily replaceable and only says they are whining when they come to him with concerns. I've met him only twice but I do hear and see, how he treats them. I honestly feel, Mr. Vasos, like the morale has dropped significantly and people are starting to think of employment elsewhere if this continues. Now, I'm not a complainer, but only think you should be made well aware of what is going on at your Eastern NC stores. I would welcome you coming to our store in Salter Path, NC or Hubert, NC (where I first learned how the company works under the direction of Richard Harmon). He is fantastic as a Manager and has done really well at his store off of Sandridge Road in Hubert, NC. Now my Manager, Sara Roussel, is absolutely wonderful and is being treated like, because she's a woman, she's whining all the time and our new DM is no help at all. She is working towards becoming a DM herself and would do wonderful at it and make you very proud to have her. However, I can see that the new DM will do anything to stop her from doing so and is probably now looking at ways to get her fired.
I've worked 35 years in Civil Service and retired. Then only to become bored and start working in retail. Dollar General is the place I want to be and stay at as long as my body will let me. I care about the store, it's workers (as well as my other coworkers at other stores) and especially our customers. They love all of us and we continue to be #1 in sales for our district, as well as the surveys. Please, I invite you to North Carolina to visit with us at our store and speak with the Managers. Your company really CAN NOT AFFORD to loose them, trust me on this.
Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. If not, thank you for your time.

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