@dollartree – Bob Sasser – Dear Mr. Sasser, Let me first begin by letting you know that I have never

Sherry Goldberg sent a message to Bob Sasser that said:

Dear Mr. Sasser,
Let me first begin by letting you know that I have never written a letter of complaint to any company before, much less to the CEO. However, I felt it necessary, this time, to make you aware of what happened and of the most unbelievably bad experience I encountered while at the Dollar Tree at 5110 Summer Ave. in Memphis, TN.
I try never to go in this particular Dollar Tree because it is always nasty, but it was the Sunday before Father’s Day and I needed to buy some cards to mail out on Monday. I don’t live far so I figured I would just run in and out. I walked in and the store was absolutely filthy…toys and other inventory all over the floors. It was impossible to roll the cart down the aisles. Other store customers also felt the same way as people were talking about it when passing each other down the aisles. I mentioned to the Store Manager, who was in the back of the store, about the nasty condition of the store and she told me that the children and customers are the ones that put everything in such disarray. I told her as the store’s manager, along with her other employees, that it seems it should be their responsibility to make sure their store was clean for their customers to be able to shop without having to push their carts over items lying all over the floor. She then proceeded to tell me…” Lady…there are a whole lot of other Dollar Trees in Memphis….why don’t you go shop at one of them!” I told her that I couldn’t believe she just told me that and walked away. If I didn’t need the cards as badly as I did…I would have left them and walked straight out. I left the store furious and went home and filed a complaint on the Dollar Tree site.
This past Saturday night at 9:40pm, I get a call from the Dollar Tree Corporate Complaint Dept. out of Columbus, Ohio,(614-465-3318). The gentleman said he was calling in reference to my complaint I had filed. He asked me to explain again what had happened and I told him of my experience and how filthy that store was. He then tells me…”You do realize that you’re shopping at a Dollar Tree?” I told him that was no excuse for the condition that store is always in. He then proceeds to tell me…”Then why don’t you clean it up if you think it’s that bad?” I said “Excuse me…but what was that you just told me…I don’t think I heard it right? He said again ”Why don’t you clean it up then.” By that time I was totally becoming unhinged and was scared of what I may reply back to him. I told him I can’t believe you just told me that and let him know I just couldn’t talk to him any longer for fear of what I might say and hung up. I can only assume he was suggesting I pick things up off the floor as I do my shopping.
I’m sure nothing with ever change at that store, but it makes no difference to me anymore as I, nor any family members or friends will ever be stepping foot in there again. However, I think you definitely need to look into what your employees in the Complaint Dept. are telling your customers.
As I mentioned earlier, I have never written a complaint letter before but I really felt you would want to know what is happening within your company. These are things you never know or hear about until someone complains. I appreciate your time. Thank you, Sherry Goldberg

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