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@dollartree – Bob Sasser – I have been trying for over a week to get in touch with a "person"

Barbara Shenandoha sent a message to Bob Sasser that said:

I have been trying for over a week to get in touch with a "person" in reference to the Family Dollar store # 4225 for over a week. Your company makes it difficult to talk to an actual person when there is a problem with a store. I have been shopping at this Family Dollar for over 2 years. The previous "manager" ran the store perfectly. The shelves were always stocked. And if there was something not stocked, he was happy to explain why and when it was expected to be replenished. For several months there has been a "new" manager and this store has gone downhill considerably. Now when it came to items such as toilet paper and hand soap. I was understanding as most stores in the area didn't have these items either when the Covid-19 virus hit. But the shelves in this store are bare as best. For months the underwear has been empty or almost empty. The cat toys just aren't there. The catnip that I would buy weekly from this store hasn't been on the shelf in months. I was in this store about 4 or 5 days ago to get curtain rods. I have a difficult time finding anything that was the size I needed. I needed 7 curtain rods, but could only find 6 mismatched ones. The entire store is in disarray. It doesn't look like anyone takes the time to straighten up after a day of business. I have seen thrift store in better shape than this store. Now on to the new "manager". He has been at this store for several months. I would say possibly since January. He doesn't use the head on his shoulders when dealing with customers. I have had to ask him several times to put him phone down while he is ringing me up. He is always watching videos on youtube. He treats your middle age and senior customers like the are second class citizens. I am middle age myself. When he is asked when something will be in stock, he never knows. Now like I said, I understood when certain items weren't on the shelves during the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. But it has been months and I still can't find hand soap at this store. Something needs to be done about this store. You are losing a lot of sales due to product just isn't there to buy. You are losing customers due to the "managers' not caring attitude about the store. You are losing customers due to the store is basically dirty and in disarray. Now I have tried for a week to talk to a person (not a recording and not a website) before I wrote this message to you. Something needs to be done about this store. You are a business and maybe you should hire someone that understands that a business is there to make money. Not a pick up place for the manager. Not a place to show disrespect to your customers. I have had enough from the way elder people are treated in this store. I have had enough of not being able to find items on the shelves of this store that should be there. I have had enough of a "manager" watching YouTube while he is ringing my up. Kindly send me an email back with your contact information and I will call you. I will be visiting this Family Dollar again today in hopes of getting basic supplies again this morning. If the shelves are still empty, I will be taking pictures.

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