@dollartree – Bob Sasser – Mr. Gray, I have been a family dollar store shopper for years, and I have

Traci N. Johnson sent a message to Bob Sasser that said:

Mr. Gray,
I have been a family dollar store shopper for years, and I have never emailed an CEO, but this is very important to me. I walked into one of your Family Dollar store, (5615 Airport Houston, Texas 77048) on July 1 at 1:26 pm. I walked into the store with my Mother in Law. When I walked into the store. Your associate (young black female with locs that are reddish blond) was on the phone with the speaker on and having a conversation using "mutherfucker". I was blown back, so I looked at her. She got the point and told the person "let me watch my mouth." So I figured that this must be okay, because she did not get off the phone. She did not greet me, asked if I needed help, nothing. As I walked around the store her conversation did not change. I picked up dishwashing liquid, and a dog toy. So as I walked to the front of the store, there was a customer at the register and the associate did not get off the phone. This is crazy. I have been in customer service all my work life and there is no way that this is acceptable. When I got to the register, she was still on the phone talking about how she did not want a relationship. I had to tell the associate that I am the customer and I do not want to hear your conversation. She looked at me like I was wrong, Too add she did not have a mask on not gloves. What is going on at your store? In the climate that we are in, their are people who really need jobs and will respect the position. But to add, she did thank me. There was two men standing in the front of the store who was ear shot of the what I told her. I stood at the front of the store waiting for my Mother in Law, one of the men said, "if she has a problem why is she still here." he was very tall and in all black, and he was a black man. I called the store so I could speak to a manager but no one answered the phone. I guess they were playing, and flirting with the soda man. I don't know, but something has to be done. So I am asking what are you going to do? Is cussing and having a conversation (inappropriate) is okay? Please email me back or give me a call at 832-970-5495. Thanks.

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