@dollartree – Bob Sasser – Mr.sasser it's been long over due time for you and mr.deal to come

Ruby sent a message to Bob Sasser that said:

Mr.sasser it's been long over due time for you and mr.deal to come to litagation as well the same for mr.shah the bio-pharm inc manufacturer of your assured tussin DM product that was tampered and adulterated with a flesh eating corrosive acid,foreign amorphous dark particles and fibrous particles along with some radioactive substance that put off a blue chemicaluminescence after being subject to light,is it radium ? It's been tested with a radiation detector that beeped like crazy indicating a high level of radiation.did you pay off the FDA to not release the positive forensic results and for an FDA agent to threaten my life and bully me ,with his hope of putting fear in my heart,as a way to stop me from suing you and mr.shah ? Well it didn't work ! I'm am pissed off that you big wig mongers think that you can buy your way out of a compensation monetary law suit with a crooked deceptive FDA Oci agent mc Kenna . Dionne pass at the forensic chemistry center says that this is a serious federal crime that happened inside by some inside bio- pharm inc,that it was deliberate and intentional,that FDA OCI agents from the metropolitan Area where bio-pharm inc is located went inside along with the FBI and the police ! I want this criminal case information and all of the names of poisons that forensic analysts found inside your assured toxic waste that has caused me pain and suffering and a terminal illness. How is it that you wuss your way out of compensating me,when you know darn well every poison,toxins,metals,radioactive uv fluorescent illuminating , tissue eating assured shit ! I'm getting a lawyer to sue the FDA for the harassment by their own FDA OCI agent McKenna and for their non disclosure of the case information and forensic evidence to me and the public people and violation of my civil right to know what the hell poisoned me and caused grave irreversible permanent injuries,I'm dying from your toxic waste,I'm going to expose you to the news media,I'm placing a defective poisoned assured product video on you tube,I want the world to know that you and mr.shah got away with not recalling this product knowing it was full of dangerous substances and the FDA let both of you slide,when they unlawfully crossed their boundaries by not recalling it themselves,do your customers,stock brokers and venders know that you and mr.shah never alerted them about your assured product being full of toxic chemicals,is this a radioactive isotope mixed with poisonous toxic liquid fluorine gas,I'm about to get the sample tested I took from the bottle before I turned it over to the Hendricks county sheriffs department who also tested this positive for chemicals and asked the manager at your dollar tree store #739 located in Plainfield ,Indiana a Jennifer mayo to take these assured cough syrup bottles off the shelfs.

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