@dollartree – Bob Sasser – Mr.sasser it's long due time for your company to compensate me from the serious

Ruby whitfield sent a message to Bob Sasser that said:

Mr.sasser it's long due time for your company to compensate me from the serious health issues your assured toxic contaminated,tampered assured cough syrup product has caused me ,stop hiding behind the crooked FDA people who's protecting you from me sueing you ,you have practiced illegal misconduct by not taking responsibility for the permanent damage your uv fluorescent radioactive corrosive acid ridin tampered toxic waste,that bio-pharm inc chemist tampered With and filled with an acute carcinogenic oxidizing agent that is moisture and water reactive,I'm contacting a pharmaceutical crime attorney,because this is a serious federal crime that has no statute in the United States,I'm suing the FDA in a consumer civil rights lawsuit for not turning over their forensic test that the FDA forensic chemistry center in Cincinnati Ohio analyst found chemicals and amorphous particles and fibrous particles inside your product bottle,this is an attempted murder by poisoning case that you and mr.Deal and mr.Shah at bio-pharm inc where this crime happened at,are involved in along with the FDA and FDA OCI agents,didn't bring to the publics attention ! Why didn't you and mr.Deal recall this toxic waste instead of just having bottles of this product moved off of your dollar tree store #739 located in Plainfield,Indiana temperarily,I'm dying from the damage your product has caused me BLOOD CANCER ! I'm contacting the media ! And placing a dollar tree poisoned product video on you tube soon. Do you and mr.shah know that I never turned over all of this toxic poisoned liquid over to the Hendricks county sheriffs department,I still have some of it now ! Lawyers on my behalf want to test test it for me ! Then the public will know what you and the FDA hid from the public people and you hiding it from your vendors and stock holders and retail partners ,in which you should've told about this,people who put trust in your dollar tree inc greenbrier international products !

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