Donation assistance required please. Dear Sir/Madam. 25/01/2017 Please find time in your busy schedules to – Larry Ellison email address

Chris  sent a message to Larry Ellison Co-Founder and CEO, Oracle Corporation – email address that said:

Donation assistance required please.
Dear Sir/Madam. 25/01/2017 Please find time in your busy schedules to peruse request. My name is Chris I am a white male living in South Africa. I am married to a lovely wife, Anastasia with 4 small kids. Oldest being 12 and youngest being 2 years of age. As any other parent my biggest dream is to give to my family, "Love, Stability, Security, Equality and a decent future. About myself: I am a former police officer at Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department,. My career started in the law enforcement 1999 till current 2017. In 1999 I joined the South African Military Infantry division Group 30. For estimate 3 years. I then joined the security force and climbed the ranks to security manager. My employment was noticed by the police department and I was offered to join the police department for many years and resigned end April 2013 as I was offered a position as Operations manager for a company in NZ called Corporate Protection Security International. Sadly the company did not apply for my working permit and I was forced to return to South Africa. I had to return to South Africa having lost all our belongings in 2013 and have been struggling to find full time employment since then. After being under the mercy of our church and local school Hannes Visagie Primary who assisted us with food for my family, I managed to start my own Investigations Company “CJDB Private Investigations” in South Africa October 2016. My wife also being unemployed I was forced to take measures in starting a project to provide for my family. I am a hard worker never giving up on my family and am determined to reach my goal in life. Why I need your heart giving help: Sir/Mam, I am currently not in desperate need of cash as I am slowly building my company again, yes monetary assistance to help grow the business faster will be fantastic. If possible $50’000.00 -$100’000.00. As any other company it takes 18 – 24 months before a profit can be shown…. But that is not why I desperately need your help. Sadly we are living in one of the most dangerous countries in the world with the highest unemployment rate, corruption and poverty. (See website below) having said this I truly feel that my family’s safety is at risk. I believe that my children have no future in South Africa, Universities are being damaged, schools are not up to par and the list goes on  By having a look at these statistics it might look sort of in par with the states. But bear in mind how big South Africa is in comparison to the US. See below. South Africa fits more than 8 times in America.  My biggest goal and dream is to relocate my family to the USA or New Zealand. But I need your kindness please. With our low currency to the US Dollar and my current huge set back in finances it is impossible for me to be able to immigrate to the US or NZ. I either need an investors Visa to obtain a green card or an employment offer which I have been struggling with for many
Donation assistance required please.
years. I need a minimum investment of $500’000.00 to $1000’000.00 as per above website. That will give me the opportunity to apply for a green card or NZ Investment visa. . And then just enough funds for me to travel to the US or NZ set up a home and being able to support my family until I find full time employment. Estimate $65’000. For the year. Sir/Mam Please, I know as a father and a mother you also want to have the best for your children for them to be safe and have a decent future. I don’t just want your money, I want to invest the money you donate to me back into America’s economy but just to assist me and my family in obtaining our green card. For us to also enjoy the US a first world country with equal benefits, safety ETC. Please find it in your heart to help me and my family. I hope and trust you will help as pledge to help people in need. Thank you in advance Chris

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