Dr Mr Burdick, I would like to let you know about a situation that has – Kenneth Burdick email address

Sue sent a message to Kenneth Burdick – CEO of WellCare Health Plans – Email Address that said:

Dr Mr Burdick,
I would like to let you know about a situation that has risen regarding claim payments and offsets on those payments.
I work at Providence Health and Services in Washington State. We post payments from insurance companies to patients hospital accounts. Recently we have had a challenging situation with offsets being taken back from claims with no information on the eob regarding who the offset is for. I am told from Easychoice that you in Florida are handling the letters that are supposedly being sent to the hospitals regarding these takebacks. Sir, if these are being sent to the hospital address they are not getting to the posters for reconciliation. Easychoice has been kind enough to fax us the list of patients these offsets are supposed to be for but they do not match our check amount and therfore we cannot reconcile the check. I sent a letter with all correspondence and a copy of a check with no response from your Florida office. This letter was sent 6/1/16. When I contact the number in Florida where this information is supposed to have come from they tell me I have to call Easychoice. Easychoice says they have no contact with Florida. So then how are we supposed to work together to get these checks with patients payments reconciled?. I would appreciate an email or phone call from you or one of your administrative personnel regarding where we go from here. I have 3 checks that are pending reconciliation at this time.
Thank you for you response

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