@drhorton – David Auld – 2703 Brownlee Ct. Good afternoon Mr. Auld My name is Harold and my wife and

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2703 Brownlee Ct.
Good afternoon Mr. Auld
My name is Harold and my wife and I purchased our home on about Feb, 2014. Our decision to purchase was when we were in San Antonia back in 2010 visiting relatives we were told that your company had built their home. We were impressed with their home, we took time out to visit some areas that you were building at that time and was leaning to have our next home built by D.R.Horton.
We were at that time living in Waldorf Md. we found out D.R. Horton was building in the area so we decided to look into purchasing. We were told you were building in Glenarden so we went to see if it would be a good fit for my wife and I since the area would be close to her job, since her administration was thinking of relocating in the area.
We decided to purchase. While waiting until our move in date I would visit the area almost daily, just to observe .
I notice some interesting issues as our home was under construction. I would elaborate more on the issues but I want to get to the main concerns.
I know the company has the 1 year warrant to get items corrected, fixed and or replaced. I will say some of our concerns were taken care of but the main items had to go pass the time because Mr. Larry Paterson our Superintendent was trying t handle the homes because the person we had was relocated after we moved in.
The process to get things looked at was either a email to Mr. Patterson or his assistant before he left would be text msg or direct contact. then without notice you changed how to report warrant issues which I was not made aware of until I needed to report other issues.
Mr. Auld this is lengthy of what I'm getting at so, I sent numerous emails to customer care only to be kicked to the curb because your team in Annapolis think I'm out of my warranty, which I told them I was still current because Mr. Patterson asked me to hold on he would get back to me to address my concerns. That did not happen because one of the issues he did correct was my flooring in my kitchen area that was noted on the day we moved in on or aboutFeb. 2014 and we finally got the flooring replaced and it was installed on or about July 2018.
It was apparent that when I called to talk with Mr. Patterson about when could I get my stain for the rails done I was told he no longer worked for D.R. Horton . That is when I started getting the "we are done with you" attitude.
No one wanted to hear what I had to say so I communicate with customer care and had the door slammed in my face again.
since I have had two representatives stop by t address my concerns not impressed with the first Sup. Sir Lawrence who walked my house told me he would draft what he and I discussed that never happen the Second Mr. Joel Smooth he stopped by and we walked the house he said the same thing I will go back and write up what we discussed and submit it and see if I can handle your issues.
I waited to see what would be the outcome on or about Nov.4th he said he submitted the request to his superiors...still waiting
I would like to handle my issues within The company



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