@drhorton – David Auld – Mr. Auld, Being in construction I'm sure you know the value of saving money. I'm

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Mr. Auld, Being in construction I'm sure you know the value of saving money. I'm buying a new build house in Temple & although I was able to choose the floorplan, I cannot choose design features. Seems odd. Anyway, I asked the bldg. supervisor if I could have the carpet laid down without tacking it down because its SHAG & has to go. NO ONE has shag carpet, which your designer doesn't seem to know. I'm willing to replace it, but it can't stay. I also asked that the backsplash chosen be eliminated, that I'd be happy with NO backsplash or if they put in white subway tiles instead, which you must buy by the truckload. No was the answer to both questions. This would save you money & labor, & it would save me extra trouble. I'm not asking for something, I'm asking for these items to be eliminated. You have design centers but what are they for? Not new home buyers. Design should not be on trend but versatile & neutral. As it is I will have to paint what will be dark espresso cabinets rather than get a white kitchen. How much work must I do on this new house? I'm a 70 year old woman! The man I checked with told me he's been asked these types of alterations "many times" by buyers but the answer is always no. How does this make sense? This is my 3rd DR Horton house & it seems that buyer satisfaction should be factored in. Is there no flexibility in these "rules," no adaptation, no work with the clients? I have decades of background in art & interior design, & I know a lot about buyers' needs & wants in their homes. I understand that we can't ask for a lot of customization, but we should have some basic choices. If you can and/or will, might you consider this request which, again, will save your company money, not cost it, & help this buyer out? Respectfully, Lizabeth Nichols

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