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bernard weiser sent a message to David Auld that said:

Thought you might be interested in my response to a question from one of your sales people. And maybe you might offer some compensation.

What was the document that you said that your lender was able to get but Vonda Fox wouldn’t request it?

Our response:
She refused to send the form 4506T which lets the IRS provide her with proof of our tax return; proof of which she insisted she needed before she would approve our loan. She claimed she was "not allowed to send it", even though every mortgage lender routinely sends it as part of their normal approval process.

She also said that if we couldn't get the transcript from the IRS, we should go to an IRS office in order to get proof, and resubmit our tax return; even though she knew that was impossible, because all the IRS offices were closed.

She also refused to accept as proof of our submittal, our cancelled check.

Since we then figured that she would never approve our loan, we decided to go elsewhere.

That resulted in a delay of escrow, additional moving expense, loss of the $8000 closing amenity, payment of closing costs to another lender, and having to pay an extra months rent at the apartment we are renting; for a total of more than $10,000 additional cost to the purchase of the house

Our conclusion, D R Horton's promotion of an $8000 closing cost amenity is a lie.

As an aside, it took DMI mortgage about a month and a half (6 weeks) to reject us; and the new lender will get us approved in about two weeks; with a lot less hassle.

Our scheduled escrow closing date is June 10th.

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