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Dear Mr. Auld, my name is Kenneth Roach. I'm a retired Master Sergeant from the USAF. I'm also Disabled Veteran with the Veterans administration . I purchased my home in Lexington ,SC to be closer to my mother and father so that I could help them. I hadn't had a chance to assist them like I wanted to being that I was away on some campaign or stationed overseas. I closed on my home in December of 2015. In January I noticed the siding cracking in some areas. I have the Gentry home. I reported the siding crack and the warranty company responded asap. They came out and replaced a few boards. A few weeks later I noticed some more boards cracked, I wrote it up and once again, some results. In December of 2016 before my warranty was up I once noticed some more cracked siding . I wrote it up, a job order was submitted but no one showed up. I have learned since that time period the siding used on my home is a defective batch. DR Horton dispatched a manager out to assist me. Since then I have been getting the run around, I get more questions than results. It is clearly recorded that I wrote up the defects while under warranty, it is also clear the cement siding used is a defective batch. I made the decision some weeks back to sell my home, my realtor informed my I must disclose the siding issue to a potential buyer . I have lost 2 buyers thus far. The manager Jeremy Cline informs me that he has been trying to get approval for my siding to be replaced since the problem was identified during the warranty period and the material is known to be defective. Could you please in some way assist me in speeding up this process or helping me in some way? I thought I'd be at peace here but this issue has my PTSD in full affect. I do have the funds to hire an attorney, but I would love to use that money to take my parents on a trip. It was suggested that I approach the local WISTV News trouble shooter to assist me by drawing public attention. I'd rather handle this the American way. DR Horton is a American name, and I would love it if the problem could be resolved as it is the right thing to do. 201 Heights Ave, Lexington SC 29072 is my address. 843-817-7054 is my phone. I thank you in advance for anything that you can do

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