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Hello, I am a new member and I enrolled my family of 4 through the marketplace in good faith. I have my card which shows my correct date of birth and a member is number. The issue is Molina has my date of birth incorrect in your system, different from the correct date on my card. Furthermore, my card has my husbands is number on it rather than mine.
Supposedly it can only be corrected through the marketplace which is odd since at some point you have the correct information. I write this as I am sitting and waiting for my call back mammogram and ultrasound. Not a time I feel like trying to correct a problem I didn’t create.
Furthermore you list of participating physicians is not up to date. The university of Michigan health system participates with this plan system wide yet there are less then 5 primary care internist or general practitioners listed in my 50 mile radius when there are literally hundreds. When I questioned that I was only met with indifference. One urgent care participating in a 30 mile radius. Because the physician list is not accurate I question whether or not the urgent care listing is accurate and if it is, why only ONE urgent care in such a large area? . Why would this plan have so many errors? It makes me question whether or not Molina is careful with my information. I can’t use my insurance to fill a prescription because my dob is incorrect, luckily I was able to keep my appointment with the breast cancer center, they treated me anyway, even though it don’t show having coverage. I would really like to choose my primary physician but I can’t do that either. I called the insurance department at the university of Michigan and they have assured me that yes they take the Molina marketplace silver 1-150 constant care plan, if I can give them the correct contract number and it has my date of birth corrected. Why doesn’t Molina know they you participate with all university of Michigan doctors?
I would appreciate some help during this stressful time.
Thank you

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