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Prof. A.K. Singhvi sent a message to G V Prasad that said:

Prof. A.K.Singhvi, FNA,FASc, FNASc, FTWAS, FGS(Lon)
Honorary Scientist and J.C. Bose & Raja Ramanna National Fellow
Vice President: Indian National Science Academy- Science and Society
Vice President: International Quaternary Union President, Gujarat Science Academy
President: Gujarat Science Academy

Dr. G. V. Prasad ,
CEO, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.
7-1, 27, Ameerpet Rd,
Leelanagar, Ameerpet,
Telangana 500016

July 28, 2018

Dear Dr. Prasad,

Greetings from the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) and the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL).

I am writing this mail to explore the possiblity of having you with us for an evening lecture on the Dec. 26th, 2018, during the forthcoming three day anniversary meeting of Indian National Science Academy at Ahmedabad (Dec.2 6-28,2018). This meeting will be jointly hosted by the Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, the Institute for Plasma Research, Bhat, Gandhinagar and, the Indian Institute for Technology, Gandhinagar.
The Indian National Science Academy was established as a society in 1935 to promote Science in India and to harness Scientific Knolwedge for National Welfare. In 1945, the Govt. of India recognized it as a Premier Scientific Society in all branches of Sciences in India and later in 1968, mandated it to represent India in all international fora.
INSA carries out a numerous activities covering a wide canvass of disciplines of Science including Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine. Over the past seven decades, INSA has evolved an ecosystem of academic excellence and has effectively delivered on all of its programs. Almost entire scientific leadership of Indian Science has been and is, in the hands of Fellows of INSA. INSA additionally publishes scientific journals, carries out extensive outreach activities, works intensively towards capacity building and represents India in all international fora. It works through its fellowship of 900 Fellows, who are elected through rigourous scrutiny and procedures.

The Fellowship of INSA meets once in a year to discuss various aspects of Indian Science, Policy paradigms, Areas of Knowledge and Human Resource Deficit, as also celebrate individuals who excel through their scientific contributions.
This year at the Ahmedabad meeting, we propose to look at various aspect of future of Indian Science and its societal dimensions. Thus we would have several symposia on themes such as, the Water Science and Technology for the future; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its use in Sciences (Medical, Geo-, Climate change and many others) and the future of AI in India including ethical issues; Epigentics and future therapeutics; Ethics; Food Security and How will India feed its billions 3-5 decade hence: challenges and similar issues. We shall have Secretary, DST to give an award lecture. This being the 100th year of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, a symposium to commemorate his contributions and to discuss the science of new innovations of ISRO, will also be held.

As a part of these three day deliberations, we also invite distinguished experts of the country for an evening lecture to enrich the fellowship through independent perspectives and to develop new interfaces. Your lecture in the evening of Dec. 26, 2018, therefore will provide a view on how the academia could forge stronger, synergistic links with the Industry to deliver a quality life and well being to India.
I am sure your lecture will ignite several minds. The lecture will typically be of about 45 min. duration followed by discussions (with the consent of the speaker). These will be followed by a Dinner which will afford more time for interactions and discussions.

I do hope you will kindly find it possible to be with us and will appreciate a line in confirmation. We will look forward to the honor of having you with us. Thanking you and with regards,
Sincerely Yours

A. K. Singhvi
Vice President, INSA ( Science and Society).

CC. Dr. D Balasubramaniyam, Director, LVPEI, Hyderabad

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