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DTE Acct# 9100 130 7667 4

re: Home Protection Plus / Greenbacks Program

To Gerald M. Anderson,

I have been a member of the Home Protection Plus plan for about three years. My brother informed me of the plan and said it would be good for my wife and I since we are retired seniors and on a fixed income. I joined the plan and was very happy until my wife called for repair and was informed that the oven of the stove we called about could not be repaired due to lack of parts availability. This was really a surprise to me because the stove was not quite 10 years old yet. The repairman asked if we were part of the Greenbacks program which would offset some of the cost of replacement. I joined the program immediately, however, I was told that I had to be a member of the program for 6 months before I could reap the benefits of the plan. We used the working parts of the stove until well past the 6-month threshold of the greenbacks program. In the interim both my furnace and refrigerator also failed and had to be replaced as well. I called applying for the greenbacks rebates for my appliances and was told that my greenbacks payments had lapsed (untrue) and that I was not eligible for the rebate program.

Although I had been paying my HPP maintenance program Platinum bill + greenbacks every month for 2 years without interruption, in January of 2018 my LSP program was dropped from one sponsor (United Way) and we had to sign up with another sponsor (Salvation Army). Due to the lapse in payment from the two different programs my maintenance program payments were being accepted as DTE bill gas and electric payments. In February of 2018 I was able to correct the problem and also was told by your DTE representatives that the greenbacks issue had been resolved. Unfortunately, each time I try to initiate the Greenbacks rebate process, I am again told that I am no longer a Greenbacks member and am not eligible. I now have 3 major appliances that I have replaced and have not received rebates. I also would like to replace my central air conditioner but would like this problem resolved before I go forward with any additional expense.

I would like my account to be reviewed and given credit for my 2 years of steady Greenbacks payments as well as rebates for the three (3) appliances I already had to replace.

Thank you for your time!

Joe Shaw

DTE Acct# 9100 130 7667 4

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