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Eugene Watts sent a message to Gerard M Anderson that said:

Good morning Mr.Anderson,
I’m writing you with the hopes you can help me with an issue that I’m having with DTE. On April 17th I contacted DTE Service Plan Dept (Gas) to have someone come out and assess with the cost associated with installing a Home Standby Generator. Mr. Walsh(734-544-7808) was dispatched. He showed up and evaluated the job. Mr. Walsh informed me that he would need to go back to the office to complete the estimate. He informed me that he would email that estimate, so I gave Mr. Walsh my email info and waited for a reply. After a week and half and no email. I contacted DTE Service Dept and was give mr Walsh direct number. I contacted Mr. Walsh and asked if he had completed the estimate and he replied that he didn’t have my email and that he would email that information. It has been approximately 3 weeks and I still don’t the estimate. I have tried several attempts to reach Mr Walsh to no success. I then contacted the DTE Service Plan Dept(Gas) and asked for Mr. Walsh supervisor. I was given the name of Mr. Robert S at 734-544-7818 I’ve called Mr. S and left a message for a return call and have yet to receive a response. Mr. Anderson this brings me to the conclusion that you are my only recourse. Realizing your time is valuable it shouldn’t have to come to this. In addition I am a valuable customer who pay their bill on time every month deserve better treatment. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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