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Anthony D. Zilli sent a message to Gerard M Anderson that said:

I need to resolve an issue that has gotten out of hand and has me alarmed for my safety along with dealing with unscrupulous business practices. My main concern is the new meter being compatible with my 1920's aluminum wiring causing a fire which I cant escape due to being disabled and unable to walk. This is a terrifying thought. The crux of the problem is I have lost all trust with your company.
Approximately two years ago my house was noticeably under surveillance (I have been involved with intelligence gathering)by a man in a white unmarked pickup. Having making him think that I left the property, I hide until the white truck came down my driveway, upon seeing me (being caught) he immediately walked toward me and said he was here to give me a pamphlet on changing out the meter. This incident has made me cage my meter, and will not respond to your meter division phone calls. The trust process was broken at this point.
The newest tactic i am dealing with is a obvious overcharge of thousands of dollars to force me to contact the meter division. I will not play, this is the same tactic my mortgage company used when trying to take my home. Also, during this overcharge issue I went back on high alert and again the same unmarked vehicle has been eying my house. Someone in that division sees this as a .game.
I believe it is important for you to understand who i am, I ran a stone mason business for 25year for high end clients, in 2008 the economy crash forced me into bankruptcy, which then the mortgage company tried to take my home, several years ago i went on disability, and 2 years ago i got divorced after 25years of marriage. And am currently caring for older parents. After all i have been though, to deal with these business practices is cruel.
So, How do we make this right?????? Well, I have been able to get go info on my aluminum wiring. Since my electrical fuse box is new, there should be no problem with new box. What would satisfy me would be to have someone put in new meter and stay on property for 10 min to make sure box or wires don't get hot.( I believe this to be reasonable) Also, the shut off switch at the pole is dangling and has been for several years.( Afraid to call DTE to get rectified) And that needs to be addressed before meter. So, pleased send me someone who can smooth out this issue.
If we cannot come to an agreement I will blanket letters to anyone who will listen. There is much more here than i described ,you have idea of the problem. I am a reasonable man, just looking for someone to approach this in a reasonable way.
Anthony Zilli

ps Went to Ann Arbor to talk to someone in person, was told had to go to Detroit

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