@DukeEnergy – Lynn Good – Ms. Good I wrote I Emailed you back in Sept 6 2017 about an overspray

Jerrell CLine sent a message to Lynn Good that said:

Ms. Good I wrote I Emailed you back in Sept 6 2017 about an overspray issue that was not resolved from a subcontractor name woodlawn, at my residence in Jacksonville NC, I lost my garden that year valued at 1500 dollars, In email I requested my residence be a no spray zone The area mention was sprayed and family and I became ill and had heavy allergy symptoms for several days until the heavy rain came , 52 baby koi fish went belly up on the weekend of June 5 2020 the day of and after vegetation control come through as the night fell the odor stayed heavy inside our home for several days. I was diagnosed with Anaphylaxis and allergies in the Army and Ive been getting treatment for that and Eczma and my syptoms became aggrevated after this last application on the weekend of june 5 2020.I emailed you at your Duke Energy email in 2017 and this year 2020 as well, the area to the fron of us is only 76 yards away and to the rea 50 yards and the drifts were heavy Im also concerned about my well and Herbicide drift..No one cared to notify us my wife hand her clothes on the line as well some days this past week has been hard on us please find my email to you in 2017 and 2020 to yoiur duke email its more in detail
Jerrell Cline

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