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Daryl Binning sent a message to Jeffrey Katzenberg that said:

I am seeking to include an image of Felix the Cat in a book I am writing about the early history of the silent film traveling picture showmen in the south-west forest region of Western Australia and wish to include a chapter about some of the pioneering animated cartoons which were shown at the time. Felix is one of the characters I wish to use. I am retired from a career as a projectionist in the cinema industry and intend for the book to be sold to raise funds for the many volunteer operated historical societies and community museums throughout the region who have assisted me in my research for the book. I would need to obtain your permission if the image is still subject to copyright and obtain a hi-res image file of same. Credit will be given to Dreamworks for use of the image and a book posted to once it is completed early next year.
Details of my bona-fides can be found on the internet under the Society of Australian Cinema Pioneers web page. I would appreciate a prompt and favourable response.
Kindest regards,
Daryl Binning.

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