Each year in the United States sewer backups occur nearly 500,000 times when about – Craig Menear email address

Kurt Jumisco CEO sent a message to Craig Menear - Chairman, CEO and President of The Home Depot email address that said:

Each year in the United States sewer backups occur nearly 500,000 times when about 50,000 municipal sanitary sewer overflows occur. Government officials and voters have been treating sewers as an “out of sight, out of mind” problem, the results of backed up sewers are increasingly making themselves known in basements/dwellings throughout the United States. Our nations aging sewer systems are overflowing and flooding properties with increasing regularity and introducing unprecedented amounts of pollutants into our homes/buildings and waterways. The Water Infrastructure Network, a group of water and public-works associations, believes that municipal governments/ratepayers will have to provide up to $12 billion a year for capital improvements in the next two decades to replace aging sewer pipes and to meet EPA guidelines. Estimates in some regions show sanitary sewer replacement costs could reach up to $15,000 per dwelling. Due to the high costs involved, this upgrade wont happen quickly. There is currently no Federal, state or local legislative branch/officials addressing this issue. We would like to offer our products to The Home Depot eliminating this health hazard across our nation. My name is Kurt Jumisco CEO of Cyclone Valves LLC headquarter in Grosse Pointe Michigan. My cell 313-610-7871 cyclonevalves@gmail.com Please visit www.cyclonevalves.com We are a certified SAM.gov contract/supplier with EPA.gov, FEMA.gov, GSA.gov and SBA.gov agencys. Duns # 06-366-0333 - Cage #7TF8 - EIN # 26-3103994

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