Earl Hesterberg – In 2016 I purchased my Ford Focus with an extended warranty. As the result of

Gary Galloway sent a message to Earl Hesterberg that said:

In 2016 I purchased my Ford Focus with an extended warranty. As the result of a serious collision I changed my plans to keep the car long term and cancelled the extended warranty plan on Tuesday November 29th, 2016. I was told by Rountree Ford that the $3070 purchase price of the warranty would be refunded and sent to the lien holder TD Auto. To date neither TD Auto or I have received the promised refund. Ford and Rountree have until this Friday October 12th, 2018 to get this matter corrected. Otherwise I will file a criminal complaint for fraud. Also it should be noted that between my personal vehicles and the fleet of F series trucks I maintain that I purchase about 100 new ford vehicles per year and have done so for the last 15 years. If this matter is not immediately resolved that can change. For certain I will be using a different dealer in the future for my personal vehicle purchases as this is not the first time Rountree has screwed things up. One such screw-up can be overlooked as an accident more than once becomes a deliberate act. Management at Rountree Ford has stated they cannot find any record of the extended warranty cancellation. Luckily I have a witness to the event so this matter will go to court should it not be resolved this week. Also after talking with three other Ford Dealers in the area two of them tell me that Rountree has routinely lost cancellation paperwork to avoid providing refunds and/or has routinely delayed the cancellations to reduce the refund amounts. Since Rountree cannot find the cancellation documents that they lost and failed to process I will be sending notices of order cancellations for 92 F series trucks with a total value of just over 4 million beginning next Monday unless this matter is resolved by close of business Friday.

Gary Galloway

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