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Eddie, I am a fellow Yalie, Class of 1972, Berkeley. I fortunate to have been able play football with Calvin Hill and Brian Dowling and I was part of the 1968 Yale vs. Harvard 29-29 tie! Im sorry to bother you with such a small matter, but I am in need of your help. I hate to see Sears products go down so in quality. I bought a Craftsman trimmer from your company, back in September of this year, expecting it to be as good as the one I bought over 10-15 years ago. Unfortunately, it was not. Comparatively, the newer model (although it is 32 CCs compared to the old model being 29 CCs) was a piece of junk, and now Sears will not allow me to return it, despite the fact I have been a long-time, loyal customer for over 30+ years. Can you help out a fellow Bulldog? Speaking of Bulldogs, what a Great season for Yale football!! I was happy to see such success after so many years of challenges!! Thanks and take care. Stephen D. Fortier (912) 674-4101 sdfort@tds.net
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Kade (15:48:34 GMT) : Hello! we are delighted to have you on this chat.
How may I assist you today?
Stephen (15:51:10 GMT) : I purchased a Craftsman trimmer and washer and dryer in September. I want to retun the trimmer, because it is TERRIBLE!! Nothing compared to my old one which was 29 CC compared to this 32 CC model.
Kade (15:52:00 GMT) : We are really sorry to know that you would like to return the item.
Kade (15:52:11 GMT) : I will have a check and help you with this.
Kade (15:52:23 GMT) : Can I have the order number please?
Stephen (15:52:23 GMT) : Craftsman 41EDZ47C799 32cc 4-Cycle Straight Shaft Gas Powered WeedWacker $XXX.99 ssin: 07174093000P Qty: 1
Stephen (15:52:56 GMT) : Order #855377060
Kade (15:53:21 GMT) : Thank you for the order number!
Stephen (15:53:49 GMT) : I would like to have my old trimmer fixed. It was a much better unit than this newer model.
Stephen (15:55:00 GMT) : We have a Hometown Sears store in town. Can I return and send repair through them?
Kade (15:55:16 GMT) : That would be great.
Stephen (15:56:16 GMT) : What do I need to do? I purchased the trimmer online along with our washer and dryer.
Kade (15:56:34 GMT) : Stephen, we are really sorry to inform you this the return time frame is 30 days from the date of purchase.
Kade (15:56:55 GMT) : Please accept our sincere apologies on this regard.
Stephen (15:57:17 GMT) : ...but I have purchased lots of stuff from that store over the past 20 years we have lived in Kingsland/Camden County, GA.
Stephen (15:59:51 GMT) : It has never worked and Sears needs to take it back, especially since I have been such a long-term, loyal customer - check my account. I will turn this over to my attorney if I cannot get satisfaction.
Kade (16:00:41 GMT) : Please accept our sincere apologies Stephen, we hope you respect our policy.
Stephen (16:00:46 GMT) : I need contact info for Sears CEO.
Stephen (16:02:08 GMT) : Your policy needs to respect the fact that you sold me a piece of junk, that has not worked properly since purchased.
Stephen (16:02:55 GMT) : Please send me the corporate info I have requested. I will take it up with them.
Kade (16:03:15 GMT) : We are really sorry, we are not accessed to provide contact information of our CEO, you can raise a complaint at shc@customerservice.sears.com
Stephen (16:04:12 GMT) : I will find it and file my complaint with your corporate office.
Kade (16:09:48 GMT) : Yes sure, you can file a complaint with our corporate office Stephen.
Kade (16:10:52 GMT) : Stephen, do you have any more questions for me today?
Kade (16:12:35 GMT) : I have not received a response yet. Would you like to continue chatting with me?
Kade (16:14:06 GMT) : Please remember to visit sears.com often to check out our "Deal of the day" http://www.sears.com/shc/s/dap_10153_12605_DAP_WOW%20Specials?prop17=deal%20of%20the%20day

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