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Dear Mister Michael Egeck
CEO of Eddie Bauer

It has been 20 days since I sent in a question to customer service and again I have not received a simple yes or no answer. Basically it was has Eddie Bauer stop selling pre-cut pants in size 42*32.

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• Date Created: 01/05/2020 04:01 PM
This is what I wrote
First, I need to tell you how I shop at Eddie Bauer
• For most of my clothing and accessories we go to our Eddie Bauer store located inside Pioneer Place Mall, Portland Oregon. I rarely go to your outlet store mainly because it is in an location that I rarely travel to.
• For my pants, because your stores do not carry waist size greater than 40, I purchase them through your website.
o For weekday wear I prefer dress chinos
• For weekend and work around the house I prefer cargo pants. (I liked the design of your 7 pocket cargos because while traveling it allowed my to safely hide my passport) #23664221
• It has been 15 months now since I brought a pair of cargos in my size, ~42 by~32, from your website. During that time, I have made a number of inquires to your customer service as to why but only received non-helpful replies. Since it appears that my pant size is no longer listed this somewhat answers my question but I would like some type of conformation so I stop wasting my time looking for something you no longer carry and to know Eddie Bauer no longer carry pre-made pants in my size.

Thank you

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