@eddiebauer – Michael Egeck – I recently tried to order two pairs of women's gloves. First the website would not

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I recently tried to order two pairs of women's gloves. First the website would not accept my phone number, so I called the 800 number to place my order. I never received a confirmation email and did not receive the gloves on the day promised. I again call customer service and spoke to someone, who even though I told him my name, continued to call me "Mrs. Customer". He told me no order with the order number I was given existed. I reordered the gloves. Again I did not receive a confirmation email by the next day so I called customer service again and the automated system told me no order existed for the second order number I was given. When I got a representative I immediately asked for a supervisor, this met some resistance, but I finally got through. The supervisor reordered the gloves and was going to give me 50% off the price with free expedited shipping until I informed him that was the deal I was given the second time I ordered the gloves. So he cut the price again with free expedited shipping. I have emailed twice to customer service with no help being offered only an apology for my inconvenience. This evening I received a confirmation email for my order, but it only listed one pair of the gloves I ordered. I placed the original order on Dec 2, looking forward to getting the gloves by Dec 5 with two day shipping. I reordered the gloves on Dec 5 and was told I would have the gloves on Dec 9. I reordered the gloves AGAIN on Dec 6 and have been told they will arrive on Dec 10! My experience with Eddie Bauer, while positive in the past, was the WORST shopping experience I have ever had. I do a lot of online shopping and you have lost a customer. I will stick with reliable company's such as LL Bean, Lands End, Duluth Trading, and Cabelas in the future. I have also contacted my credit card company and have been told that I was already charged for the gloves on Friday. I also discussed with my credit card company any charges made to my card considering I had given my credit card number to three Eddie Bauer customer service representatives. This is rediculous!l

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