@edwardjones – James Weddle – hello..my name is David Mingelen…My father Nick a d mingelen left me a

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hello..my name is David Mingelen...My father Nick a d mingelen left me a large sum that was being held bye your company..I googled davidmingelen edward jones and it poped up to be a trust that paid every day of the month...My fathjer was royality from holland..I went to the local offices of your company heree in crescent city calif..I asked the clerk to check her data base and she told me in a sarcastic voice no you dont have any thing..She refused to even look..I went tro 4 locations hewre in crewscent city..same thing...This is a very small comunity and alot people carry firearms anf wear pointed white hats..Any way please investagate this as it is true...Thank You David Mingelen 553-17-5100 7807 951-8682

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