@energyinsights – Scott M Prochazka – Our street light has been out for over a year…they come and fix it

angeline ward sent a message to Scott M Prochazka that said:

Our street light has been out for over a year...they come and fix it and in a day or so light is out again...I have reported it yet again and have received email saying it will be fixed in 2 or 3 weeks. REALLY...after a year of waiting ...I decided to let you know this is just not acceptable...2 nights ago my sons car was vandalized, window broke, stero, etc all yanked out. This street pays some pretty hefty taxes and I am sure Center Point is receiving adequate amounts for your service. If there is anything that Center Point can do...it would be greatly appreciated...Now that the trees are in full bloom...the light in middle of block does nothing for our end of the block....Tracking Number: 1404475715
Light Number: 200626

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