@entergyark – Leo Denault – My electric was turned off on Thursday 8/19/21 at approx 11a.m. It?s now Friday

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My electric was turned off on Thursday 8/19/21 at approx 11a.m. It’s now Friday 8/20/21 at 2p.m.and they’re still off because Entergy wouldn’t work with me. I took in a family of 3 and another gentleman at the start of the pandemic and they still live here along with another couple plus myself and my autistic daughter. I made a installment plan in July on a bill I was behind on and all I was told was that the 1st payment was due in August but no specific date. On Friday the 13th of August I got a disconnect notice (in the late afternoon) and on 8/16/21 I called Entergy and asked for 10 days to pay past due amount which is when I get my checks 8/26 and was told no she couldn’t help me(after 3 hours on the phone). I was told that because I had entered into a payment plan already they couldn’t give me the extra time. She said she would note my account asking that they not cut me off because I’m disabled,my daughter is disabled, and I have 2 people with Covid here too. But on Thursday 8/19 they disconnected me anyways.The person I spoke to on 8/16 only spoke of $200 I needed to pay to avoid disconnection,but when I called Thursday after the disconnect they rep said since my payment plan cancelled on the 17th I had to pay that whole bill which is $710.00 that I defnitely don’t have. The day before that the rep I spoke to never mentioned anything about the payment plan cancelling only the $200. The next rep while trying to explain everything made it worse when she said the first thing that gets paid each month when you make a payment is the payment plan and I had applied a payment on 8/3
Of $200 ,so that should’ve paid the installment plus $100 on the bill. It feels like Entergy is trying to recoup some of its losses incurred by the pandemic. I was given a couple of numbers for help one place who hadn’t done energy assistance in 15 plus years. So now what do I do? I need you help . I need my lights!! Lease

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