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Dear Mr. Foss,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits and well. I am an employee of Aramark. I would like say what a great opportunity to be employed by the company, as a cook. I am currently working on the site of the largest employer in Memphis, TN, Fed Ex . I truly appreciate this opportunity to talk with the boss, because I care about company and the customers we serve.

Mr. Foss you would not believe the horrendous conditions in the kitchen at Fed Ex. In my whole career as a cook I have never witnessed such monkey junky. I have worked in five star kitchens; sad to say this kitchen has no stars.
This is the kitchen nightmare of your worst dream.

I have been working here for just 8 days and these are just a few of the horrific conditions I have observed and have time to mention:
The kitchen is losing money due to the rampant thievery of the Aramark employees including management. For instance, before the food can go on the line the employees are stacking and stashing plates. They blatantly go behind the line and fix themselves plates while the customers are in line. Furthermore, they just walk in the cooler and steal all the Pepsi products they desire, it is a free for all; management included.

The staff is so unprofessional; prime example, they are eating and drinking while serving on the line, they speak rude and use profanity to the customers, they are not selling or promoting the products, they are completely indifferent.

The customers are complaining about the staff's bad attitudes, the quality of the food and poor food selections. Non pork or vegetarian options are non existent; for example, customers are requesting a healthier choice of turkey or vegetarian sausage and bacon, also fresh fruits.

Some of the gross violations include: serving leftover grits and liquid eggs the next day; no food is being tempered, because there are no thermometers on site; There are no posted menus, or recipes, this is potluck at it finest. Cooks never know what they are going to cook on a day to day basis. Each cook prepares food how they see fit ( heavily seasoned, too bad for customers with high blood pressure); no planning for food ratio to customer ratio thus we run out of food daily. (no food = miss sales), ;We run out of supplies ,example, no gloves so, we go to Subway and use their gloves.
I am writing you today to inform you the current working conditions, to ask for your help to improve these adverse conditions and to help Aramark maintain the contract. Aramark has been around since 1936 and Fed- ex since 1971 clearly both companies are here to stay. It seems to be a good fit.
In closing, have you ever considered going on Undercover Boss? Maybe as a janitor you can move around freely, virtually unnoticed you can witness everything I have mentioned and more. Maybe you can intervene and reverse all these negatives into positives and give me a peace of mind and , some job security .
Respectfully yours,
Ms. Sandra Stalling

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