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Johnny Robbins sent a message to Kelcy Warren that said:

Mr. Warren, I am forwarding this to you as you are the CEO of the company that owns the Stripes Convenience store chain and the Stripes website conveniently doesn't not work properly when filing a complaint

I am writing concerning my treatment at one of your Stripes Convenience stores.
On October 14, I traveled 18 miles from my hometown to Muleshoe, TX. I went into the Stripes Store located at 107 E American Blvd. This was about 11:45 am.
Posted above the door spanning the entire front of store is a large banner that states:
Available ALL DAY El Campeon Egg, Chorizo, Potato, Bean and Cheese 2 for $3
On the entry door there is a banner that states:
Restaurant open from 5 am to 4 pm
There is a large poster hanging in the window again stating the offer
On the food case in the cooking area there is also a placard again stating the special offered

I entered to an almost empty store and looked in the self serve food case.
My first complaint is that the burritos looked to be at least 6 hours old as they were greasy and orange rather than crisp and light brown. The assorted pieces of chicken in the case appeared as if they were melting as they were bathed in a pool of grease. Very unappetizing.

I decided to purchase the El Campeon special but was told by the lady behind the kitchen area counter (short, Hispanic, with glasses) that they were only for breakfast. This was after she had to call who I concluded was the manager over to translate for her as she didn’t speak English. The large portly woman restated what the smaller lady had stated.
I spoke and told her the sign on the front of the store says they are served all day.
Surprised at my statement, the manager stated “well we only serve them for breakfast.”
I said thank you, turned and left.
I took a photo of the front of the store.
It must be noted that the lady behind the counter came out of the store and stood by the front door. It was obvious she was on a break and since it was where the employees take smoke breaks, it can be concluded she was having a smoke

Not only was I denied a food purchase at this store, I was not offered the option of another item, or of the offer of having my item made. Considering the lady doing the cooking immediately took a smoke break, I don’t think she was very busy to freshly prepare the item I requested.

I am looking for some recompense concerning this matter not only because I was denied service and food items at this store but I also spent fuel driving 36 miles round trip to the store and my time. I was forced to go to your competition and purchase food items from them.

I also find it interesting that the phrase ALL DAY posted on your store means only between 5 am and 4 pm.

Luckily I don’t frequent that store very often and unless this situation is rectified, I will avoid it all together.

Also I will be contacting Kelcy Warren concerning this matter if not handled within a timely manner.
Thank You for your time

Johnny Robbins
PO Box 65
Earth, TX 79031 806 315 0807

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