Fabrizio Freda – Dear Mr. Fabrizio Freda, Children under the age of 15 accounts for the 45% of

Amos Ewejobi sent a message to Fabrizio Freda that said:

Dear Mr. Fabrizio Freda,

Children under the age of 15 accounts for the 45% of Nigeria’s population, hence the burden on the education and other sectors has been overwhelming. More details of our educational challenges can be found in this UNICEF article (https://www.unicef.org/nigeria/children_1937.html) . And as a result, it is not uncommon to see secondary school students that has not worked with a computer before.

I came up with what I call the Solar Powered Digital Kiosk, images of the prototype at 65% completion at a school in Abuja, Nigeria can be found on http://wicomm.com.ng/We_care%20.html . I wish to take it across the over 4, 000 Public Secondary Schools in Nigeria, but have been struggling to fund the project.

The benefits of the Solar Powered Digital Kiosk to the Public Secondary schools includes but not limited to the following:
1. It's a standalone structure: No need for classroom space. the kiosk houses all the computer systems, tables and chairs well arranged.
2. No Power Failure: power supply in Nigeria is poor, hence the Digital Kiosk is powered by a Solar electric system.
3. It's not prone to vandalism.

Please I am seeking the following on behalf of this students:
1. Funding for 3 Solar Powered Digital Kiosk.
2. Your kind presence or a representative on the day of commissioning , I believe this will go a long way to make the officials of my country take it seriously. I do believe, all they need is a push, and with someone/organization of such a pedigree, my nation's leaders will take it serious and invest in education. And the IT education of the students can be better for it.

Looking forward to your kind support. Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Amos Ewejobi

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