FAO – Mr Michael O’Leary, CEO, I am not happy with your misleading website. Please see – Michael OLeary email address

Craig sent a message to Michael O'Leary CEO, Ryanair that said:

FAO - Mr Michael O'Leary, CEO

I am not happy with your misleading website. Please see the extracted chat regarding booking reference : YQMLRQ :

Hello Craig Marsden. How may I help you?
Craig Marsden
Hi, it says I can upgrade to early check in for E5.99 but when I try and do this it is trying to charge me £10.99 per seat, each way, so in excess of £40
For the both of us.
Tamas G
If you have purchased an allocated seat the check in opens 30 DAYS before your flight date.
If you want to reserve seats you can easily do it online.I would recommend you to go to our website, select Manage Trips tab and then click on the 'Choose your seat' option . Here's a link to that site
Normally the fee depends on the flight, date and route.
Please take a quick look at our table of fees.
I have tried to use your website as you suggest and it clearly states £5.99 to check in now, but when I do this it changes to £10.99 per seat, per flight so the information is not correct
I am not happy about this
Tamas G
The website always offers you the best possible prices on the given day.
Is that your official response? You are misleading customers
You rated our customer service as bad.
You left the following comment: You are misleading customers
Craig, your flight is a selected flight in the high season.
That's the reason.
I will be raising a complaint to Mr Michael O'Leary, your CEO. Thank you
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