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Michelle Bourdua sent a message to Sergio Marchionne that said:

I have an issue that just does not seem possible. I cannot get past the first person on the phone. They will not allow me to escalate this. I bought a 2016 Ram 1500 eco diesel Truck. As always when I purchase a vehicle I check to see if there is a transferable warranty, many times there is. This one has one, however it is from Canada and they will not transfer it. This alone does not make sense. I was going to purchase a warranty. Its a Ram and they say it is not even possible, because it was in Canada. I was told by the first person I talked to, there is nothing more that could be done or changed, she was the final authority. I see what was and is an expensive Ram truck, made in the USA but not able to warrantee in the USA. The truck has 91000 miles on it and it should have the 9000 miles of a possible warranty and I want it. Even if I had to purchase what has already been paid for, through Ram. The truck may not even need it, but if it does I will be out what I expected to be able to get. Can you help, I bet I am not the only person shocked by this "rule". The 2 countries share such a big boarder I am sure others might have tried thinking as I did a Ram or Dodge is just that, I am assuming they do not send inferior products to the Canadian market. I am not wanting the daytime running lights warrantied I want the powertrain warrantied. It was paid to Ram and it should follow the vehicle, however since it doesn't I should be able at least purchase a warranty. Not being able to does not make sense. Its a Ram truck. Can you look at this situation and work on a solution? Perhaps rules that at one time made sense should be changed and if anyone could address this you can. Thank You and I hope you can help me. Michelle

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