February 25, 2018Budget Car RentalTo Ronald L. Nelson:It is with sorrow that I must inform – Ronald L Nelson email address

Bernard E Oliver sent a message to Ronald L. Nelson Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Avis Budget Group, Inc. email address that said:

February 25, 2018
Budget Car Rental

To Ronald L. Nelson:

It is with sorrow that I must inform you that because of Budgets latest knee-jerk decision to severe ties with the NRA over a shooting at a Florida high school that neither the NRA nor I, as an NRA member had anything to do with that we will no longer be using Budget.

To infer the NRA was responsible for the tragedy shows remarkable ignorance of the facts. Neither boycotts of the NRA by Budget nor more gun laws would have prevented the tragedy. I would expect Budget to use logic and facts -- not symbolism over substance when dealing with a tragedy such as that in Florida.

It was an NRA member and certifed firearms instructor who prevented further killings at a recent Texas school shooting -- not knee-jerk boycots.


Bernard E Oliver

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