@fedex – Frederick Smith – Dear Sir, I am extremely disappointed in FedEx as I had a shipment to be

Lynne Reed sent a message to Frederick Smith that said:

Dear Sir, I am extremely disappointed in FedEx as I had a shipment to be delivered on Monday, April 30, 2018 by 10:30 am. The pkg, sadly, was to go to a PO BOX and I failed to realize that FedEx does not ship to PO Boxes. Therefore, the local facility in OKC, OK decided to look for a physical address and to deliver the pkg to (instead of calling me), which ended up being the wrong address and company. Therefore, my personal information and privacy action information is out on the streets and other peoples possession. I am very upset with this issue as this was my house payment to get us out of the hole.

With all of the staff and technology systems, I would like to suggest that in the code of your online system, when a customer begins to place a PO BOX in the address section, it will be identified and rejected the address. Or place a small sentence under the address section so people will not put PO BOX in the address box (only physical addresses).

When people are in a hurry, they do not have time to read all of the contractual verbiage or guides. They simply just create the form and pay. Which brings up another issue. My account was charged an additional amount for the delivery to the physical address. Which to me should be fraudulent as you are taking additional funds from peoples accounts. When speaking to the agent, I stated, so FedEx could have charged my account an additional $200 or more? He said yes. A common customer service phone call would be appropriate to avoid all of this frustration and me writing you a letter. It is also, frustrating that the agents could not tell me where they delivered my package to when that office just picked an address. I call foul!! Therefore, need your assistance in finding my package, getting my money delivered to the right location the bank can post my pymt before deciding to take my home.

With regard,
Lynne Reed

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