@fedex – Frederick Smith – Reference: Trk #3933 9585 7050; Carrier B/L #102×44 744 477; Order #4112097-579890 Mr. Smith my

MARY A OSBORNE sent a message to Frederick Smith that said:

Reference: Trk #3933 9585 7050; Carrier B/L #102x44 744 477; Order #4112097-579890

Mr. Smith my problem is not entirely with a delivery by Fedex, but more so with one of your Support Personnel. Tried sending this message to Ms. Echols, undeliverable

On Friday July 3, 2020, one of your Carriers dropped off a package that had been cancelled around June 4, 2020, due for delivery on June 10, 2020. I spoke with Customer Service at Walmart July 3, less than 30 minutes after delivery, reminding them that the order was cancelled. Walmart was very apologetic, because it was their mix-up. However, Walmart called Fedex immediately, asking them to return and pick up the cancelled package. Fedex refused.

I asked to speak to Fedex directly, hoping Fedex would be sympathetic to my situation, I had plans for the Holiday weekend.

The customer service rep I spoke with was needlessly belligerent, rude, and she made no attempt to consider my situation. She kept repeating CALL WALMART, even after I informed her more than once; I had - less than 30 minutes after I discovered the package outside my door. At that point, I asked to speak with a Manager or Supervisor, she very adamantly refused; stating, "They will tell YOU the same."

Now, its Monday July 6, 2020, at 12:40 p.m. PSDT and no sign of Fedex to retrieve this package; which by the way, weighs 91.1 lbs and is 17.2 cubic feet. I don't blame Fedex for the error in delivery. I do blame Fedex for their gross, substandard customer support.

Thank You for your time.

Mary Osborne

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