@fidelity_uk – Abigail Johnson – hi, my name is David Pierce. I have with Fidelity beause of my 401k, I

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hi, my name is David Pierce. I have with Fidelity beause of my 401k, I rolled it over. My investments went from 825 down to 22k,I picked a company I realy liked and bought it up. Today I woke up as normal. Someone sold. I went to BUY and it said I was restricted. So, I called in. They said I was shut off. I did nothing wrong. Since Feb 2017 I have made alot of buys and sells. You all made alot of money from me. Now today you throw me out. Your people are no help. 2 hung up on me. How would you like to be treated like that? I'm a smart investor even though I only got what I got. But, the Company I choose to invest in the future with will Prosper. I was wondering if you could look into it for me. If you won't help I will trade somewhere else. I do not even know why this happened. No one helps me. I just want o trade and invest like rest of World. My wife just joined fidelity also to invest in Future. Her account got shut down too. I don't undertand. We ordered her some shares put a limit order on it to take profits that's it. She did nothing. I did nothing. If know one helps I guess I will contact my Lawyer. I hope to hear back from you. Let me invest and make money. I picked NSAV. I like it. Is that a Crime? Thanks for your time. I will wait Patiently for reply before I contact Lawyer. I lost alot of shares today because of this. Someone sold all the way out and I could have bought it up. Buy Low sell high. Thanks

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