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I have been a multiple account owner with Fidelity for over 10 years . (a/c numbers are x11491926, x66913874. z67653292, z67653306,
121270369, 329110140, 484824607,490966703, x54429696, x73841922, 4844824577)

Earlier this year I came into money approximating close to $1 million dollars. Based on market conditions the value of this $1million portfolio could swing $50k in a day or two. As a result the value of Fidelity's incentive promotion for adding funds to an a/c can go down by a few hundred dollars. I requested consideration in view of this sort of market swing. But, nothing was made available.

Several weeks later I received a letter from Fidelity which directed me to close down my relationship with Fidelity by the end of May.
No other option was offered. I checked with my Fidelity agent located in your King of Prussia office but he knew nothing about this event and could do nothing to rescind it. And, so I closed all my A/C's and moved my business to a competitor.

Upon reviewing my moved ROTH IRA A/C I noticed a $50 charge which was automatically rendered by Fidelity despite the fact I was told to leave. Out of principle I contacted several Fidelity customer service staff and requested they waive the $50 charge that was taken from my a/c. No sensitivity or consideration was given.

I feel this entire set of events to be unfair and not in keeping with Fidelity's Investment commitment to its customers. This is why I decided to write to you.


Steven Dagowtiz

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