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Mubashra Khan sent a message to Greg Carmichael that said:


Please forward this message to Greg Carmichael, the CEO of Fifth Third bank. I have been a loyal fifth third customer for a long time. I want to request that the outstanding charges resulting from significant uncharacteristic Apple Store purchases in February, 2019, be waived. I was contacted by who I believed to be Social Security Services, who said that my social security number was compromised, and that documents in my name had been found in locations in Texas that were connected to drug sales. They also told me I had an arrest warrant out. They connected me to the police, who told me to complete an Alternate Dispute Resolution, and to comply with the social security officers. Once I did as they said, my arrest warrant would be canceled. They told me to go to Apple stores and purchase gift cards, telling them the numbers so they could put it in a social security wallet. I did as they said because I was scared for my family. I have a 17 year old son and a 12 year old daughter who couldn’t manage without me. If you look at my credit history, you’ll see that I’ve never made any of these kinds of purchases before. I was acting under duress because I thought that something bad would happen to us. Later we contacted the police, learned it was fraud. Now I’m struggling to pay off the amount on my credit card. Waiving the charges from that time would greatly help our situation. So I request that you look at our case and please waive those charges and fees associated with those charges. The information for the police report I filed is listed following this message, so you can contact the officer for any confirmation you need. I will also provide any clarification regarding the situation. I was the victim of fraud, so please help me out during this difficult time.
Police Report information:
Complain #: 19-10401
Deputy: Dupuls
Date: 2-7-19
Detective in charge of the case: Detective Wiley
Phone number for detective: 586-307-8230

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