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Michael Cisternas sent a message to Greg Carmichael that said:

Dear Mr. Carmichael
I have attempted on more than one occasion with your customer service department to resolve an issue regarding an auto loan I have had with your bank. I have had a 72-month loan with Fifth Third Bank utilizing a coupon book for payments and hence never received any statements with this loan.

This past December nearing the end of my loan, I made two payments electronically– one for December #69 as well as for January #70. I also paid $526.16 on February 26th which was #71 and had no more coupons. This last coupon states I would be receiving a final statement.

I called into Customer Service to determine my final payment amount. I was told they could not email this information and could only send a statement. I agreed and requested it be mailed to my New York address as I reside in Florida as well as New York. The agent refused to do this and it was sent to Florida but never received. The agent’s name was Missy and my reference was 40146126.

This weekend I found out that my “exemplary and exceptional credit score” dropped significantly. Upon investigation, turns out it was information received from Fifth Third Bank reporting my last payment as delinquent. I called Customer Service prepared to make Payment #72 however was still concerned about the delinquency reporting on my credit report and inquired as to how that could be corrected. The agent, Tony said he could not help and hung up on me.

I am currently an essential, Covid19 first responder and unfortunately due to the days/hours I have been working didn’t follow up with my non receipt of the statement with customer service until today. I have been listening to the news and have heard there would be no derogatory issues reported due to the Pandemic. Imagine my surprise and disappointment with Fifth Third Bank.

I have no problem paying #72, the final payment which I paid today... although I’d certainly appreciate assistance with the some of the late fees during this Pandemic.
What I am more concerned with is the delinquency on my credit report and once again, your customer service agent said he could not assist with this nor did he even attempt to provide additional steps.

I am anxious to regain my status on my
credit report and need your assistance in getting someone from your company to handle this on your behalf.
I need to add that I am not a customer who has defaulted on his 72-month loan. I have been reported delinquent because your customer service agent refused to go that extra step and have the statement mailed to me in New York.
I also find it quite amazing that your agent could not email the statement to me!

Once again, I have not been in default but delinquent. This should account for something,
I am thinking your customer service agents should be displaying a different demeanor when answering or attempting to answer issues during these challenging times and not only for me... but can you imagine how many of your other customers may have been subjected to this “less than exemplary service”?

I was quite surprised to find that I could email you directly and yet your customer agent couldn’t email my statement. Sorry for repeating myself.
I look forward to hearing back from you or someone from your office and hopeful you can assist me with this matter.
Thank you in advance and Stay Safe!

Michael S Cisternas
(516) 205-0589

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