@fifththird – Greg Carmichael – Greg, I saw your Marketing add in today?s WSJ, P.B-5. I am Fred Gardner

Fred Gardner sent a message to Greg Carmichael that said:

I saw your Marketing add in today’s WSJ, P.B-5.
I am Fred Gardner, Eustis, FL, A former mortgage holder with Fifth Third Bank.

I write to you to complain of your associate:, V.P.
P. Brian Moore (one of your executives in Cincinnati) who I tried to contact, first through his secretaries , and via several hand written letters - all with no response. I simply wanted to lift my PMI fee after two years of qualifying to do so.

I’ve never experienced such poor service. Moore didn’t give me any response after trying to get through to his office and staff (who did not deliver on their promise).

My experience was so frustrating I recently refinanced out of pure principal. Just to “Get Away” from your bank.

I hope you will see this communication and add it to any other issues you may have had with V.P. P. Brian Moore.

Fred Gardner

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