@fifththird – Greg D Carmichael – 4/20/18 Dear Mr.Carmichael, On 4/10/18 I emailed the following to you: Dear Mr. Carmichael

Connie S. Mays sent a message to Greg D Carmichael that said:

Dear Mr.Carmichael,

On 4/10/18 I emailed the following to you:
Dear Mr. Carmichael,

My name is Connie S. Mays. I am a loyal 5/3rd Bank customer who has had a mortgage loan with your company since the fall of 2004. In that time I was and have never been late with a single payment...even during the processing of my HARP request in 2008. Every single payment was then and has since been made on time. Over the last couple of years, I have made a point to make the payment approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the due date. The reason for this email is to express my sincere disappointment at your company for refusing to issue an auto loan to me because I did not meet your "criteria" or your minimum credit score. All I can say is "SERIOUSLY FOLKS"? I have never NEVER , EVER missed a mortgage payment in almost the 14 years I have been with you and you are worried that I cannot make a car payment on time? Really? About two years ago as I was preparing to retire, I came to you to discuss my escrow account and some problems. The branch manager and the rep were wonderful....enough so that I moved all my checking and savings accounts back to 5/3rd after several years due to a dispute over my checking account. I was impressed by the attention and time and most of all the concern by your staff to my needs and yes, that convinced me to come back. However, I have to be honest, this issue over the car loan is very upsetting. I am now with an out of state company that I have never heard of who is charging me a ridiculous interest rate ( I'm sure because, well I am a faceless customer who does not matter to them). I expect more from my bank. You are suppose to be "a 5/3rd better". That is what you advertise and claim, however, I am not impressed....at all. I need more from my bank. I need someone who sees "me". Who knows me and who trust me as I trust them. I do not and I will not be a "faceless" customer. I realize that my mortgage, checking and savings accounts are not "upper crust" customer balances. However, I am sincere, loyal and honest. I expect the same from my bank At this point I am looking into other options for my mortgage, checking and savings account unless 5/3rd can truly live up to "a 5/3rd better. Thank you for your time. It is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Connie S. Mays

The beginning of this week, 4/16/18 I received a SECOND copy of your company's denial of my auto loan request. Is this response that I am getting from your company to my email? If it is, I am very disappointed. Upon second review of the SECOND copy of the SAME form letter sent previously, it is noted that due to my bankruptcy and no re-established credit since then is the excuse for the denial. Okay, perhaps your reps need to look a bit closer before making "snap" decisions. Had they done so in my case they would have seen that the bankruptcy will be 10 years old in August of this year and will fall off of my report. In addition, I would think that since I have not missed a single mortgage payment to your company before OR after the bankruptcy that would qualify as re-established. If not, why am I wasting my time paying a mortgage to your company? I will let you know that I am looking at taking all my accounts to another bank. Again, I realized I am only a cup of water out of your very large oceans of customer, however, where I come from, every drop counts!. Also, within the next 2 weeks I will be making very large deposits to my savings accounts. Will that happen at 5/3rd? I am not so sure. I would appreciate a more "personal" response from someone in your organization. I realize you are a very busy man and that is why you have a "staff" of people to assist you. Do you think one of them could take some time and assist me, your customer? Again, thank you for your time. It is greatly appreciated. Connie S. Mays

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