First of all, I would like to say World of Worships is an amazing product, the naval battlefield – Victor Kislyi Email Address

Vladimir sent a message to Victor Kislyi Founder and CEO, Wargaming Email Address that said:

First of all, I would like to say World of Worships is an amazing product, the naval battlefield drama gameplay touches the senses and offers an intense entertainment.

I am writing to you to share my vision. I think creation of a stand-alone campaign game would be a good idea to generate good sales and offer World of Worship's loyal fun base something really exciting and new.

Atlantic and Oceanic battle theaters could see two campaigns being created, With allied forces fighting Germany and USA against The Empire of Japan respectively, and with each campaign with various missions to complete.(examples: head-on encounter, protect the convoy, attack the port, defend the aircraft carriers, survive for 10 minutes, etc.)

During the map progression in campaign certain choices are needed to be put on players to engage them to a new level and enhance the gameplay (certain ships, modules and equipment could be chosen to be upgraded, etc.), with the choice directly resulting in different outcomes like new mission, different enemy vessels type, etc.)

All people who will buy the game could also get a choice of choosing a premium ship featured in the campigns. (either American, British, Russian or German one) to use in online multiplayer game of World of Worships.

This campaign game mode could be a real best-seller if new features are introduced and announced, with every single player enjoying the existing MMOG of World of Worships, the game on a regular basis would want to try, features like calling an airstrike on a particular area or laying mines for the enemies or docking in some port for repairs, etc.

I don't know how this could be done technically, but maybe a report could be generated as a result of the player's campaign progression and sent to Wargaming automatically with points being awarded for damage caused, damaged received, thus creating the database and then create an award to the best players, televise their successful gameplay.

Yes, it could be a challenging project, but not extremely since the game essentially already exists. The CD bundle boxes of the game could include some goodies.

I could not pass by the in-game monetization and incentive issue of flags and inscriptions in World of Tanks. And also, the historical mode in World of Tanks that was very much wanted and awaited by player base, but sort of failed to reach the desired effect upon introduction. This Campaign I am sharing my thoughts about could be the perfect answer to both offering the users a real treat and generate decent sales.

With EA selling its Star Wars Battlefront for something like $50 while it has somewhat limited content (maps, weapons, etc.) and the game engine not very different from the last century's Medal of Honor, I can see World of Worships Campaign becoming an instant hit and a must bye.

If there any chance you decide to implement something like that and would need new people to work on that, please get in touch - I will send you my CV for consideration.

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