@firstenergycorp – Charles Jones – Hey Chuck; Just wanted to let you know that I was not satisfied with the

Ed Stahlman sent a message to Charles Jones that said:

Hey Chuck;

Just wanted to let you know that I was not satisfied with the way in which my email packet got transmitted via your on-line address. None of the emboldening and highlighting for emphasis was included. Neither were the images included. Besides, the attachment “Reasons To Say NO To 'smart' Meters” had way too many repetitive entries which I am in the process of eliminating for easier reading and comprehension. So, I am planning on mailing you a printed-document packet via Certified Mail this coming Wednesday, November 20 which you should receive by Friday. I decided not to mail you the entire document “My Declaration Of Non-Consent” because it is somewhere in the range of 60 pages long. That’s why I instead chose to send you “Snippets From My Free-Will Contract.”

BTW, I also want to apologize if it seemed like I was picking on you and your corporate brethren in particular when I called you a bunch of criminals. I DID NOT mean to be negatively critical. I simply meant to inform about how totally corrupt everything is on planet earth. You’ve got lots of company!!! At least 95% of the global human population are criminals, if not directly, indirectly by default simply because they are condoning and supporting a corrupt money system (along with everything else that is corrupt) instead of fighting back against evil in order to reclaim their stolen Universal Free-Will Rights And Freedoms.

Have a great day!!!

Ed Stahlman

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