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Indisputable FACTS About How Planet Earth Is Run
(As Of November 2019)

Fact # 1: Planet Earth is run / controlled by criminals.
Fact # 2: Planet Earth is over-run with criminals. THEY are EVERYWHERE.
Fact # 3: Most criminals seem oblivious to the fact that THEY are criminals.
Fact # 4: Most human governments are criminal enterprises. The exceptions are / were usually indigenous tribes and settlers looking to escape criminal control and tyranny.
Fact # 5: M-O-N-E-Y is an enslavement tool of the criminal “elite” controllers.
Fact # 6: ALL corporations are criminal enterprises, to one extent or another. The reason of course is due to the fact that the stated, or implied, purpose is TO MAKE MONEY.
Fact # 7: EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE (with a few exceptions like on planet earth) IS FREE where sharing and bartering for goods and services as well as simply utilizing free resources (including free labor) in the universe to manufacture products, install and maintain infrastructure, etc., is the norm.
Fact # 8: Government-controlled schools are criminal enterprises simply because THEIR REAL PURPOSE is to
dumb-down students, NOT to impart legitimate knowledge. Students are programmed and indoctrinated (read brainwashed) into believing in, and supporting, a criminal money-based society. EVERYONE, it seems, is oblivious to the fact that THEY have been enslaved to follow orders without questioning the propriety or sensibility of their controller’s orders. Government-controlled schools focus primarily on sports and entertainment as a replacement for real learning. i e the acquisition of useful knowledge, which is endless throughout our vast universe – AND FREE for those who have taught themselves how to access it and to do their own research and to learn on their own. It is only then that people come to learn how thoroughly (near totally really) corrupt everything is.
Fact # 9: Nearly all government / corporate entities on planet earth are criminal enterprises. A few examples include 1) the military industrial complex, 2)
Fact #10:

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