@footlocker – Kenneth Hicks – Good Morning Richard, I do apologise for the nature of this email, but I do

alexandra witham sent a message to Kenneth Hicks that said:

Good Morning Richard,

I do apologise for the nature of this email, but I do feel that further action does need to be made. I am mindful that you are extremely busy and I will be surprised to even receive a response from you, but can you review my below thread to understand my frustrations with customer services at Footlocker.

For ease i have pasted my email issued with a time line of events.

"I am absolutely disgusted by the lack of proper customer service I have received regarding order number 31042150010000000129. See below time line of events....

1. Placed order 11th May 2019
2. Perplexed as to why trainers have not arrived 18th May so attended Chatham branch to discuss, to be told very little other than order has been dispatched.
3. Thursday 23rd May 2019 and Friday 24th May 2019 countless telephone attempts to 02079490057- the footlocker customer service number that is clearly stated on your receipts! Is this false advertisement as I have been on hold for over 40 minutes each time to be met with no answer!!!!!!
4. Saturday 25th May 2019 visited Bluewater branch, discussed options with employee, was asked to try on trainers as they had them in stock, to only be told I am unable to take the trainers in question away that day as order status still remains as *returned to sender* ... once again perplexed, embarrassed and disappointed in the whole ordeal! Bluewater advised to continue to contact customer services which I duly did, to only be met with further hold music! As you can imagine concurring further costs in not only petrol to each branch/ car parking fees/ and mobile calling costs!
5. 1st June 2019 returned to Chatham branch to be informed the status still hasn’t been updated on order to receive trainers or a refund. Manager gave me the customer service email to try.
6. 3rd June 2019 sent email to yourself.
7. 11th June 2019 - over a week later received a response from yourself requiring further information. I’m sure you can understand the untold frustration by this point. I replied the same day.
8. 11th June 2019 received a response from you confirming order status has now been updated and once reattending a local branch a full refund can be provided. This is a lie!
9. 14th June 2019 attended Chatham branch to be met with the response that my order has now been deleted! This is not good enough! No refund could be processed, even though I had the receipt and email from yourself, manager Tom even attempted to call customer services himself, only to be on hold for a further 25 minutes with yet again no response! My patience has run out! My money has been stolen!

Given the above timeline of events, your drastic attention and actions are now required! I am not longer willing to phone customer services, I am also no longer willing to attend another branch and incur further costs to myself for countless errors on footlockers part!

I will be seeking legal advice because a premium has been paid and therefore a contract with footlocker is in place without receipt of item in over a month or now even a refund of £54.99!

It seems the CEO needs strong focus on your customer services responses because the above is just not acceptable! A stern letter will be issued expressing my dissatisfaction to your head office in the Netherlands ! I will also be voicing my disgust to your governing body in the hope I receive a response as your customer service line seems constantly unwilling to answer my issues!!!!!

Your urgent attention is required

Yours regretfully Jaime Witham"

I am a huge trainer lover and a regular customer to Footlocker along with many family and friends, and although this amount of £54.99 is small, its a matter of principle. There surely cant be this level of dissatisfaction, can you help?

I look forward to hearing from you

With Kind Regards

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