For the past 8-10 years I have used Target as my Pharmacy of choice. 4 – Brian C Cornell email address

Lee sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation that said:

For the past 8-10 years I have used Target as my Pharmacy of choice. 4 different states and I've never changed it. My experiences for the most part have been great. Until I moved to Savannah, GA. My first experience was not the best but it wasn't enough to dwell on. My experience today however has been very heavy on my mind. Not just because of the extreme rudeness I was subjected to but because I know nothing happens to these people when its reported. So this time I am taking every measure possible to make sure my voice is heard even if I have to write to Brian C. Cornell myself.

I went in today (Target at the Savannah Mall in Savannah, GA) as I normally do once a month to pick up my medications. I approached the counter and a young lady asked if she could help. I let her know I was picking up for McCray. She was called to the back by the Pharmacist who said he would take care of it. He came up asked my name, I gave it to him. He asked me to verify my address and then proceeded to ring them up. Normally they ask which meds I am picking up as I have several. He didn't. Which was fine but one of my meds had the dosage increased the day before. I asked him if he could check to make sure it was the renewed prescription which he seemed bothered by but he verified it and then asked me to sign. As I picked up the pen to sign I noticed he only had two prescriptions. I was due for 3 refills. I stopped and said is there only 2 to which he said yes. I said there should have been a third. His very quick reply was "If there was a third I would have rung up a third". So I asked him what was the second medication in the bag since he never informed me. He said "I have Celexa and Xanax, I do not have a third". All of this was said with sighing and an attitude so I am trying to figure out what I am saying thats so wrong. He also muttered something else but I couldnt make it out. They usually ask all the questions to make sure I am getting the right things and so forth anyway. So he tells me to sign the box again. I asked him if he could double check to see if maybe they sent it to another store which happened before. He walked off and said "Please sign", referring to the keypad, I told him I would sign as soon as he verified the third was truly not called in or at the other store. His reply "We're supposed to be at lunch right now so I need you to sign". So at this point I am getting that he is upset that I (and there were two more) came when he was trying to leave for lunch. I even asked if I should come back at a time thats more convenient for him. I was being sarcastic but I truly would have rather been turned away than to be treated like I was a bad person for picking up my prescription when it was time for his lunch break. To make matters worse another customer inquired about our interaction and out loud his tells them "Everyone decides to come when we're trying to go to lunch, that's the problem". So now a customer who comes to the pharmacy at the time they need to break for lunch is a problem. Its not posted anywhere near that pharmacy that they break for lunch at a certain time. If it was, I would have certainly done my shopping an come back so that they would have time to actually do the job they are paid to do, help and serve the customer. I had other questions. I needed a new glucometer. I ended up buying that from elsewhere because I didn't want to return to the pharmacy. I spoke to the Store Manager to let him know that I did not appreciate being treated that way because this gentlemen (who identified himself as the Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist on duty) wanted to go to lunch instead of deal with customers at that time. He can feel frustrated that he needed a break but to say it out loud is in bad taste. We just got there. We have no idea how long he's been without a break. The Store manager said he would talk to him and he might be sincere, I will never know. But I do know that I know they deal with unruly customers and so I do my best to never be that way. I certainly had an attitude after being told that he was supposed to be on lunch when I asked him to check on something. And even though I wanted to say so much, I couldn't because I'd be in the wrong. Customer Service is bad everywhere these days but I never expect it from Target. Its the reason I shop as opposed to Walmart or other stores. But this gentlemen represented your brand horribly and he owes me an apology. His actions we completely uncalled for. The Store manager was sorry he said those things but he does not owe me an apology. All that does is allow this gentleman to go one and do the same thing to someone else. It's not right and its not fair to those customers who are respectful. I can get my meds transferred to another store. Its much further away but so worth it not to feel like I'm interrupting someone's day. But in the meantime, that gentlemen owes me an apology. I want nothing else form him or that store but that.

I hope to hear from someone soon,

Sincerely - JLee

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