@Ford – Mark Fields – Dear Mr. Hackett: My name is Della Cornes and I purchased a used 2011 F

Della Cornes sent a message to Mark Fields that said:

Dear Mr. Hackett:
My name is Della Cornes and I purchased a used 2011 F 150 Ford vehicle from one of your dealership at 256 Swain Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303, June 5th 2019. The Sales & Leasing Consultant name is Jason Hill who told me before I purchased the vehicle that the dealership would put All new tires on & an do an oil change. Mr. Hackett when I got the vehicle home and realized that there was only two new tires & the other two tires was the same two tires on the vehicle when Mr. Hill first showed it to me. One of the tires is a totally different brand. When I called Mr. Hill the next day about the tires, he said and I quote "the other two tires didn't need changing". I explained to him that was not what he told me before purchased the vehicle. Today June 22, 2019 while driving the vehicle my oil light came on indicating that I need a oil change. Mr. Hackett please tell me why would I need an oil change in (17) seventeen days if Mr. Hill had the oil changed as he promised. My brother bought a Ford from your company so I decided to give it a try. I'm on a fixed income & I trusted Mr. Hill to do as he promised. I always stand by my word & expect others to do as well. I'm writing you Mr. Hackett because I don't believe you got your position as CEO by lying & cheating other to get ahead. I would like to have the other two new tires & the oil changed as I was promise.

Address: 1020 Quailwood Drive
Fayetteville NC 28314
My phone No. is (910) 584-3621)

Thank you in-advance
Della S. Cornes

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